Friday, October 7, 2011

First Glimpse of the Kindle Touch: Great for Students!

Although they look very similar, the Kindle Touch appears to be quite a different product when you compare it to the new Kindle "4" (click here to watch yesterday's review). Although I was a bit disappointed with the features on Kindle 4, I must say that the guys at Amazon (well... the guys at Lab 126 to be honest) really put some thought into the new features of the Kindle Touch.

 Just to mention some of them:
  • Move Pages forward or backwards: for the first time in Kindle history this is not done through buttons; you either tap anywhere in the screen to move pages forward, or next to the left or right edges to move them backwards or forward respectively. Also you can swipe your finger through the screen in one or the other direction to serve the same purpose.
  • Pinch in/out will make font smaller or bigger.
  • An improved menu, quite different to what we were used to.
  • Virtual Touch keyboard
  • Search option: this is a cool feature, very useful for finding the locations of concepts, terms or characters.
  • Access to Wikipedia articles with one tap
  • And the coolest new feature, the X-Ray: Allows you to automatically see in a very schematic way the main characters, concepts, phrases or content of a book.
Let's take a first glimpse and see how all of these features look like in this video brought by the people of TechCrunch

It really seem like the Kindle Touch is directed towards more active users. People that need to take notes, research a book thoroughly, look for terms, know what's the backbone of the text right away (thanks to the X-Ray feature), access to Wikipedia immediately, etc.

All of these features makes the Kindle Touch a great option for students -of all ages, those attending school and those who are constantly learning and reading from the computer and the Internet... Kindle is a great way to protect your eyes!

If you are interested in having a Kindle Touch of your own, make sure you get yours directly through 

More to come on Monday.



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