Thursday, October 6, 2011

Best Kindle 4 Video Review

The guys from Mobile Tech Review did a great job on the Kindle 4th generation review. Remember, this is not the Touch version (see table with all of today's available Kindles) Already a lot of people are calling it "Kindle 4", and it makes sense given the that what we call Kindle Keyboard today was known as the Kindle 3.

Without a doubt, the main benefit to the Kindle 4 is its price: $79. It would have been unthinkable some months ago that you could get such a good piece of technology, with such a valuable use, for just that.

There are two major differences in the Kindle 4 when you compare it with its predecessor:

  • Lack of a physical keyboard, you need to use the 5 way controller to select each character from the display (not being a touch device you'll have a hard time typing notes)
  • Does not support audio (so forget about the TTS or the MP3 capabilities you got with the Kindle 3)

But let's see it more in detail in this very good review that Lisa, from Mobile Tech Review brings us:

Once again, price wise: Awesome for what you get. But a bit on the downside, being a newer generation and having less features, as important as the audio and the ability to type in a comfortable fashion, is somewhat disappointing.

As always, it's just a matter of taste. Personally? I'm in love with my Kindle 3. But I must say I'm a big note writer, so the keyboard is a must for me. Plus you still get a very good price if you buy the Special Offers option.

As usual, if you are planning on getting either of these beauties, I recommend you do it through

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